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Josephine Landertinger

2016, PRT, 85', M12

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22 Jun 2017 · Passos Manuel · 22H00

Portugal is the last home of Lilia, a 67-year-old Colombian woman whose life is marked by continuous migration. Josephine, the director of the documentary, offers her mother an instrument, the cinema, to join the story of a fragmented life. Through careful observation, Lilia's loneliness becomes visible, but also her mysterious strength. Josephine explores her mother's relationship with the spaces and environments in which she now lives and the discomfort with places and decisions of the past. The encounter between mother and daughter, mediated by the "film" device, is full of universal meaning and becomes a revealing dialogue between two people in transit: an adult woman and a younger woman, a subject who is filmed and the documentary that films. "Home: The Land of Illusion" opens up great questions about freedom, solitude and ideas of homeland and the feeling of belonging.