Painel 1 - Discutindo a experiência sensorial

Painel 1 - Discutindo a experiência sensorial · Panel 1 - Discussing the sensory experience

2016, PRT, 120'

Forum of the Real 2016

02 Dec 2016 · TM Rivoli, Café-Concerto · 10H30

What is sensory experience? Research on the senses – all of them and not just those most prominent, such as vision – has been preponderant in contemporary culture. Whether in sensory ethnography or the search for senses in the various fields of art, this transformation, which occurred in the last decade, redefined the very field of the possible.

Isabel Capeloa Gil
Nuno Faria
Bruno Monteiro
Catarina Alves Costa
Chair: Rodrigo Lacerda