Juke: Passages From Films By Spencer Williams

Juke: Excertos de Filmes de Spencer Williams · Juke: Passages From Films By Spencer Williams

Thom Andersen

2015, USA, 29', M12

Focus Thom Andersen 2015

07 Dec 2015 · Passos Manuel · 19H00

PORTUGUESE PREMIERE In a project commissioned by MoMA, Thom Andersen evokes Spencer Williams, actor and African American filmmaker who battled against the conservatism inside the Hollywood industry in the 40’s. "Juke: Passages From the Films of Spencer Williams" reminds us how the films that Williams directed and starred not only are not lost, as they still comprise essential questions that must be reconsidered and reviewed in order to make a valid reflection about the impact of African culture in the American society’s dynamics. Thom Andersen comprehended the urgency of this contemplation, and built Juke with inter-linked film excerpts, showing how enduringly scarce the representation of the African-American community in Hollywood was and still is. (Sabrina D. Marques)


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