Forum of the Real 2015

Documenting the Imaginary

We all assume identities - national, sexual, social class or the football clubs, among many others - but as Stuart Hall has shown us so well, these identities are just positions in which we, subjects of the world, put ourselves provisionally. Identities are representations of the world that are offered to us and to which we adhere. They are imaginaries. Documenting the imaginary should therefore be a way to question the representations of the world, proposing points of convergence where the film opens to the ambivalence of the real. (Daniel Ribas)

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Free entry. The Forum of the Real is made in partnership with CITAR (Research Center for Science and Technology of the Arts), School of Arts, Catholic University of Portugal. It is also an event of the “Year of Portuguese Cinema and Audiovisual”, from the Portuguese Cinema and Audiovisual Institute.