Competition 2015

With the second edition of Porto/Post/Doc came the confirmation that there are real stories that should occupy the film theatres, whether these stories are about major historical events or simple anonymous lives. Contemporary stories that make us glimpse the future; or considerations on the past, feeling that, in fact, these problems will most likely repeat themselves in other places or times. Films about individuals or entire communities: the complexity of the singular or the dehumanization inherent of the plural. Each of the subjects is addressed in an original way, showing a new thinking about the world we live in, but also, and especially, revealing how each director sees the documentary, a concept increasingly broad and comprehensive, more imbued with an authorial mark and without formal restrictions. We favor this freedom of thought and creation, which sometimes brings tenuous boundaries between reality and fiction. From Lesotho to Trás-os-Montes, from China to Argentina, films unfold in cinematographic solutions and ways to tell every single story: because all these stories are deserve to be told.
(Lídia Queirós)